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My business sells primarily good quality Australian and Ceylon sapphires. I will also be selling some untreated ‘old stock’ native cut Ceylon sapphires about which I know the provenance, in Australia, since 1960’s.

What is ‘First Water’?

‘First Water’ is a reference to an early traditional way of describing the quality of a gem crystal. It refers to a quality that a particular crystal has to transmit or refract light. Looking into and seeing refracted light in a good quality crystal might be compared with the limpid appearance of looking into a clear, still pool of water. It has similarities with modern descriptions of clarity but is more concerned with quality of the actual crystal, ignoring any inclusions. Changes in the light source between an incandescent bulb and a fluorescent daylight tube or between direct sunlight and indirect daylight have little effect on the colour, clarity or brightness of a sapphire crystal of ‘The First Water’.

The business ‘FIRST WATER SAPPHIRES’ is operated by myself, Bruce Burge, and based in the Illawarra south of Sydney.

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